Thursday, December 17, 2009

holiday greetings.

a few years ago, after looking at our pile of saved christmas cards hauled out with rest of our christmas decorations, a lightbulb went off inside my head. "why not put them all in an album?" now, a little background. i do love the whole christmas card deal. i love getting them. i love sending them. it doesn't really feel like a chore to me. so each year i have carefully laid aside an extra card for for family to keep. with the exception of one year, when i accidentally cut the picture out of the card to give to ellie.

so here is my "holiday greetings" album. nothing fancy. i think i was given the album. i don't do much on the page either. i just let the photos and sentiments speak for themselves.

album cover. i may add something one day.

my favorite saying. i may use this again one day.

ellie's first christmas card appearance.

drew's first christmas card appearance.

tara whitney photographic genius.

cat's first appearance.

and......ta da....... this year's craziness. cards went out today.

and i just have to say that tiny prints is my FAVORITE place to order cards from. so yums!

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  1. i always look forward to getting your cards and then i make sure they're displayed front and center because they're always so beautiful and unique!