Tuesday, April 27, 2010

reversible chalkboard placemats.

i just discovered a product at joann's called blackboard fabric. it is quite awesome in my opinon as the possibilities are endless.

i also have recently fallen in love with another product, iron on vinyl. you basically can make your own oilcloth, with whatever fabric you choose.

the pattern is simple really.

the blackboard fabric at joann's is 28 inches wide. i chose to maximize my fabric usage and cut my placemats 14 inches by 17 inches.

next you need to prepare the blackboard fabric for use. simply rub a piece of chalk up/down and side to side across the fabric. (all these instructions are on a paper that comes with the blackboard fabric.)

wipe excess chalk off. and set aside.

cut out your reverse side fabric to the same dimensions as the blackboard fabric. follow the manufacturer's directions on the packaging to adhere vinyl to the fabric. this really is an easy process. in my experience, i think it is easier to adhere than fusible interfacing.

then simply sew the two pieces of fabric, wrong sides together. i left a 1/2 inch border around the edge. i would use some fabric glue to temporarily adhere them together first. both fabrics slide easily while sewing. trim threads, use pinking shears to even out edges and leave a decorative touch. these would make great gifts, especially for kids if you sewed a ribbon into the side seam so it could be rolled up and tied. i'll have to try that next.

Monday, April 26, 2010


today i am over at the polka dot chair blog. i've shared some ideas for making your own hat for the kentucky derby. sadly i am going to miss watching the run for the roses this year. did i tell you about the crazy race i am in this weekend? i feel prepared, but i always get so nervous before new races. i am hoping that training at altitude will really help me.

melissa will be sharing some great ideas this week to get ya'll fired up for the most exciting two minutes in sports on saturday!