Thursday, May 28, 2009

cute teacher's gift.

this is totally ripped off from another blog. i can't remember which one. sorry whomever i ripped off.

i am not one for big overdone teacher gifts. usually i just contribute to the class gift. but this year my girl's teachers have really gone above and beyond and i just want to show my appreciation.

i have wanted to try etching for several years. ever since i saw martha do it.

so finally i tried.

so go and get yourself some etching cream. i got mine at michael's, near the "real" craft supply section, like leather working and rug hooking. don't fall for buying any of their stencils. they are cheesy beyond belief.

i also used and IKEA jar, but i think this would also be fantastic on a regular mason jar.

* imagine picture of area being prepared to etch.*

i just used a variety of leftover scrapbooking stickers. if you can find vinyl ones to reuse, more power to you. also i want to find some decent letter stencils (no i don't have a fancy vinyl stencil maker, shocker, i know), because you need to mask the area off.

so now that our etching area has been prepped. apply a very thick layer of etching cream. thicker than you ever imagined. you will thank me later. let it sit for 5 minutes and don't touch.

this isn't listed on the directions, but i read about this elsewhere. put some baking soda over the etched area. apparently it stops the etching process, but more importantly it is supposed to neutralize the acid before it goes down the drain and into our water source.

rinse off the etching cream. i use a paper towel to get all of it off. and voila!

add a treat and a little somethin', somethin' and you are good to go.

for my test run i decided to etch the underside of a pyrex dish. i have seen this done before and i thought it was the most brilliantest of all ideas. now that new mom will know who that pan goes to.


  1. This came out great. What a lovely idea.

  2. Now I am going to have to go and etch my pyrex pan and the little jar I keep the m and m's in for my daughter's potty training. Thanks for the inspiration!